Collaborating with AI on creative tasks

A hybrid approach to catalyse creativity

ai co-creation

What did we do?

We investigated how AI can be a collaborative partner in creative endeavours by means of a prototypical process to co-create future scenarios together with ChatGPT.


What’s new?

Our findings illuminate the substantial benefits of merging human creativity with AI capabilities. This hybrid intelligence model not only boosts efficiency but also unveils novel possibilities. It enables the fast generation of valuable contributions in unprecedented quantities and new ways of creative problem solving through the enhancement of lateral thinking in human participants.

How did we do it?

Utilising design research and qualitative methods, we examined how ChatGPT can be effectively integrated into creative workflows that utilise the pattern of divergence and convergence. Through this exploratory approach, we crafted a method that leverages the strengths of both human and AI participants, aiming to push the boundaries of traditional creative processes.

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