K2 Systems' Digital Leap in Solar

Strategic initiatives transforming K2 into a digital service powerhouse

Client Project
K2 Systems

What Did We Do?

Our efforts centered around centralizing digital services and digitizing the product catalog to foster improved scalability and user experience. By developing a central interface for K2 Systems, we were able to consolidate various digital services, enhancing the platform's intuitiveness and user-friendliness. The integration of an eCommerce system for dynamic product data management facilitated better access to product offerings. Furthermore, the entire infrastructure was overhauled to ensure scalability, reliability, and GDPR compliance, setting K2 Systems on a path of future expansion and service integration.

What's New?

K2 Systems has embarked on a remarkable journey towards digital transformation, pivoting from its traditional practices to embrace a digital-first strategy. This transformation has been spearheaded by two groundbreaking initiatives: the centralisation of user accounts across various services, known as the K2 User Service, and the digitisation of the product catalog through the K2 eCommerce platform. These steps have not only set K2 Systems apart in the solar industry but have also established new benchmarks for digital engagement and operational efficiency.

How Did We Do It?

The transformation of K2 Systems into a digital powerhouse was meticulously planned and executed. The creation of a unified platform for K2 User Service marked the beginning, integrating all existing services under a single sign-on interface supported by scalable, GDPR-compliant cloud infrastructure. This strategic move streamlined user access and significantly reduced management overhead. Concurrently, the transition of the static product catalog to a dynamic eCommerce platform enabled real-time product updates and search engine optimization. This was complemented by a redesigned information architecture and the inclusion of enhanced product information, drastically improving the user experience.

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